Marine Toys for Tots Announces Record Breaking 75th Year


(NewsUSA) - Toys for Tots, the U.S. Marine Corps’ premiere Community Action Program, distributed over 24.4 million toys, books, and other gifts to 9.9 million children in need in 2022. The incredible support we received from the American public and our Corporate Sponsors enabled the Program to achieve astounding results and celebrate the Program’s 75th year of spreading Christmas cheer to underprivileged children across the Nation.

Marine Toys for Tots has supported children in need at Christmastime since 1947, but, in recent years, the Program’s support reaches beyond Christmas. The Marine Reserve Toys for Tots Program now includes year-round initiatives to support disadvantaged children experiencing challenges and exceptional circumstances, with books, toys, and messages of hope beyond the holiday season.

The Toys for Tots Literacy Program delivered 6.3 million books to disadvantaged children as well as to Title I funded schools, while the Toys for Tots Native American Program supported over 200,000 children on remote Reservations. Our most recent initiative supported over 447,000 children in foster care with educational toys, books, games, and school supplies. We also provided one million toys, books, and games to non-profit partner Good360 to be distributed to families across the country facing hardships that restore hope and self-worth outside of the holiday season.

“I believe that these distributions outside of the holiday season continue to provide significant comfort and relief to impacted families, but it also means that we needed to work extremely hard to replenish our toy supply before the holiday season,” said Lieutenant General Laster, President & CEO of the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation.”

He continued, “we were astounded by the support provided by our Corporate Sponsors and individual donors.  They helped us not only accomplish the mission, but greatly exceed ALL expectations.”

The year-round and Christmastime distributions reassure families, who face adversity and exceptional circumstances throughout the year, that Marine Toys for Tots stands ready to assist when emotional support is needed most. Although we partner with many local non-profit organizations outside of the holiday season, it's our 830+ local Coordinators that are the "Hometown Heroes". They are responsible for the success of each local campaign and dedicate their time to delivering gifts and hope to those less fortunate within their communities.

The American public and a record number of organizations serving as Corporate Partners “answered our call to action and made significant contributions allowing the Foundation to augment local toy drives with over 12 million toys valued at over $127 million,” says Lt. Gen. Laster. 

Today’s children are tomorrow’s future, and Marine Toys for Tots is dedicated to ensuring it’s as bright as possible for children living in challenging circumstances. The assistance given was astronomical, and we are grateful to the American public, our National Corporate Sponsors, and our Coordinators that allowed the Program to reach incredible milestones in its 75th year—and deliver messages of hope to nearly 10 million less fortunate children.  Visit to learn more about Marine Toys for Tots and to donate to any of the Programs.